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Greatness is something most of us strive for. We have dreams, visions, and aspirations for where we want to be in life. But with life, not everything goes as planned. We then question why? Am I not meant for greatness? Has God abandoned me? In this sermon, we talk about greatness and how God paves the way for us to achieve our greatest potential.

What does it mean to be saved? Do you have to be sinless to be saved? How should I react to sinners? In today’s sermon, we answer those questions and talk about the heartbeat of Living Faith Church -- Salvation By Grace.

Have you ever been at a point where you feel like you were trying to keep your head above water? All your faith was barely holding on to you and you are about to give up? Listen to this powerful message to be reminded the faith you had once is still in you!

Have you ever felt low? Your dreams felt dead? You felt like you were barely surviving? In this sermon, Angela reminds you God has not forgotten you and is ready to ignite the Joy back, the Faith back, and the Dream back! Get ignited!

In life, we all want to be happy. Hakuna Matata -- a life of no worries. However, life often throws curveballs, so how do we deal with what life throws at us and still remain happy? In this message, we discuss a way to take it all in stride and be happy all the time!

Many people wonder if God talks back? Is this a one-way relationship where I do all the talking and He just sits there quietly? Today’s message talks about how God talks to us and how we start talking to God.

Our special guest, Forbes Riley, shares some breakthrough techniques to forgive the past and look forward to the future. Today’s message was delivered by Forbes Riley at Living Faith Church. Forbes Riley is a winning TV Talk Show Host, Best Selling Author, & Business Coach.

“Life doesn’t happen for you, Life happens to you”. We talk about how to appreciate the little miracles in life and how to win life with God at your side. Today’s message was delivered by Forbes Riley at Living Faith Church. Forbes Riley is a winning TV Talk Show Host, Best Selling Author, & Business Coach.

Growing up we are told to obey the rules… so we carry that mentality into our adulthood and into how we relate to God. Am I doing this “right”? Does God approve of my choices or habits? In this message, we discuss the topic of freedom “do you, boo!”

Every house has a culture and style. Same as every church has a different heart and culture. This is the first sermon in the Culture Series of our Hearts.

Most of us are skeptical when people say that God spoke to me or through me. We doubt the power of the all-powerful being. However, if we can set our mind to think that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then we wouldn’t question how God is able to speak to us.

Would you believe that you can have a conversation with God? In the scriptures, there were people like Moses, with whom God communicated, to part impart His Commandments. But would you believe that it isn't just the prophets or the chosen ones that are able to talk to God? We are all capable of doing so.

When someone says "But" we know that one word cancels everything that was just spoken. If you tell your loved one... "I love you but..." now you're in trouble. We will talk about God's big but in this session!

Do you just take what life shoves in your direction? Or are you willing to break free from the chains that bind you from living a life of freedom? Today, we explore a way on how we get freedom in our minds and that is by doggy style. In this sermon, we discuss the points that doggy style emphasizes: W.O.F.F; 1.) Word of God, 2.) Oral Prayers, 3.) Fellowship in Others, and 4.) Fun in Life.

We are always looking to escape the chaos in life. But it’s impossible to live a life without chaos- so in this message, we talk about how to have calmness while riding the chaos of life.

What do you do when the very person who is supposed to love you, abandons you? The person who’s supposed to protect you, hurts you? Or the one who’s supposed to give you confidence, is the one who hurts you? It’s so easy to take out our issues onto our Heavenly Father. In this message, we discuss our daddy issues!

Money makes the world go round. In today’s sermon, we learn the biblical principles of finances. Our church teaches you that God wants you to be wealthy because, with wealth, we are able to give more. But we need to understand that the Kingdom has a different way of making us wealthy; that it is not just for oneself but for God’s people to benefit. We discovered today that the formula for mastering money is SIT-- 1.) Money is a Servant, 2.) Money is an Indicator, and 3.) Money is a Tool.

How can you tell the future? We all want to predict the future somehow and this message will show you how to create the future you desire by using your words!

We all wish to have guarantees in life. It’s hard to ever have a true guarantee but we can be confident that one day every person is guaranteed to die. Today’s sermon comes from the series, Legacies. We talk about the challenges of leaving a legacy of love and how it shapes a life well-lived.

We all wish to have guarantees in life. It’s hard to ever have a true guarantee but we can be confident that one day every person is guaranteed to die. In this first message in the series, we discuss the challenges of leaving a legacy of fear and how it stops us from living our best life!

What is your vision? In this session, we go over how seeing PIE will help your Vision in life! When you know your Position, know your Identity, and know the Ending, your vision will come to pass!

We know that God put a dream inside of each of us... but how do we make our dreams become a reality? In this message, we go over the biblical examples of turning dreams into reality through understanding Testing, Timing, and the Transferring!

We all desire greatness! No one says “I want mediocre and average...” We all want the best!! In this message, you will discover the keys to live out your greatness through PMS! Join us today on our broadcast!

In the middle of the raging storm in our lives, thinking we have nowhere to run, we feel hopeless. We feel trapped. But, there is a path to our salvation and that is faith. Faith rises upon within us and in even in our most terrifying moments, help us break free from the fear of the storm. In today's sermon, we discuss the spiritual authority that helps us dominate our fear.

According to the San Diego government website, the cause of suicides and depression is hopelessness, guilt, feeling worthless and helpless... in this message, we discover what is the solution to this rising epidemic! God is ready to shed some light that will transform your life!

Many have asked, “what’s the point of Living Faith Church?” This message explains the mission and heartbeat of our church for San Diego!

When we think of the cross, many people see a religious symbol. A symbol of condemnation and hate. A literal symbol of death. This message will explore a different view of the cross... The abundant life!

Have you ever felt isolated? Being pushed away from people? In this message, you will discover the hidden blessings in isolation!

Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t answer your prayers? What is the secret formula to having God respond right away? Does He even care? In this message we see how Jesus allows bad situations to get worst and the secret power of faith that moves the hand of God!

The very people who cause you the most pain and heartache may be the very people setting you up for your destiny and fulfilling the God-given dream within you! In this service, you will discover the blessing Judas was to Jesus. You’re going to have a whole new appreciation for the very people who cause you hell!

Do you ever feel like you take one step forward but end up taking two steps back? Or when you do make small progress, it felt so tough? It’s time to learn about the CHAIN BREAKING LIFESTYLE!

Have you ever asked yourself “When will I get my breakthrough?!” Or “When will it be my turn?!” In this broadcast service, you will discover key points to never give up on serving others because your breakthrough is around the corner!

Do you struggle feeling accepted in spite of your shortcomings? Or not feeling like your enough? This broadcast will show you the heart of God and how He runs to us no matter how much we feel far away. God is on your side!