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In this powerful episode of "Free To Be You," Angela delves into Mark 9:20-27 and explores the concept of embracing one's true self in the presence of God. The episode focuses on how encountering Jesus can bring revelation and freedom from issues that don't define the real essence of a person.

"Destined to Dream" is a powerful episode that delves into the significance of dreaming and pursuing destiny. Stephen emphasizes the importance of having a vision and understanding that dreams are birthed within us by God. The episode highlights the journey from dreaming to facing disasters, including challenges and difficult circumstances that may arise. But, the ultimate destination is destiny, where God's plans and purposes unfold. The story of Joseph is used as an example, showing how even the obstacles and enemies in our lives can be instrumental in fulfilling our dreams and impacting the lives of others. Stephen encourages us to embrace our dreams and navigate through challenges with faith. And trust that God works all things for the good of those who love Him.

Angela Dela Cruz discusses the relationship between purpose, prosperity, and stewardship in this sermon. Drawing from Luke 16:10-14, Angela emphasizes the importance of being trustworthy with little before being entrusted with much. She then highlights the biblical perspective on prosperity and generosity, stressing that prosperity is not solely for personal gain but should be used to bless others and fulfill God's purpose. 

In this sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz discusses the concept of prosperity. And its different meanings to different people. Prosperity is not about a dollar amount but also satisfaction and fulfillment. This sermon reminds you that God has already equipped you to prosper. Stephen highlights the importance of recognizing what one already possesses (what's in your hand)--including talents, skills, and resources, and using them to serve society. He encourages you to focus on positive and uplifting thoughts (what's in your heart). Stephen addresses the power of the mind (what's in your head) and how it can make or break a person.

In this sermon, Angela Dela Cruz discusses the importance of positioning oneself for prosperity by being generous. Angela emphasizes the significance of motives and the size of the heart when it comes to giving. We should be more open to living an abundant life as God's plans. And abandon that mentality that can hinder prosperity. Instead, embrace generosity and trust God's blessings for a prosperous life.

Stephen discusses the topic of biblical prosperity. He reflects on the challenges people face regarding finance, money struggles, and the impact it has on their lives. The message emphasizes the importance of committing to the Lord in all endeavors and distinguishing between good ideas and God's ideas. The purpose of prosperity is highlighted as an opportunity to bring glory to God. Stephen encourages you, listeners, to seek God's blessings without being overwhelmed by financial struggles.

Angela talks about the importance of believing in our God-given potential. We step out of our comfort zones and remember the impact of conflicting beliefs, cultural influences, and the need to surround ourselves with faith-filled individuals. Angela encourages us to prioritize God and seek His guidance to unlock our potential. This sermon is about being reminded that God's plans for us are to prosper and give hope and a future.

Discover the life-changing message of Living Faith Church San Diego and embark on a journey towards powerful living. Join our community as we explore spiritual wisdom, practical guidance, and the transformative power of faith. Whether you're seeking personal growth, success, or a deeper connection with your spirituality, this video is your key to unlocking your potential. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience a life of purpose, abundance, and fulfillment.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz discusses the importance of going through struggles and pain to find purpose in life. The difficult times lead to personal growth and breakthroughs. Embrace the challenges rather than avoid them. Angela reminds us about the significance of using time wisely, serving others, remaining humble, and trusting in God's timing and wisdom. 

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz discusses the purpose of Living Faith Church and shares the mission of the church, which is to help people discover their purpose, live empowered, and fulfill their God-given potential. He highlights the importance of having a sense of purpose and talks about the role of faith in our lives, stating that faith comes from hearing the word of God.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about discovering the truth about hearing God's voice. Debunking common misconceptions, this sermon emphasizes that God's voice is still active today and can be heard by believers and unbelievers alike. Learn how to cultivate a hunger for God's voice and experience the transformative power of His Word.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about what it’s like to live in deep love. To some, love is a weakness, but love is a secret weapon. It brings long life, joy, and freedom. It is what God’s love is. Angela expounds on how we can reflect on God’s deep love for us and use this to live and reach our highest potential.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about changing God’s mind. But how does one do this? Stephen explains how the perspective of prayer can change God’s mind in these two ways: 1. Partner with God and 2. Keep on Asking. Watch this insightful message.

In this week's sermon, Jennifer Meim talks about the secret to God answering your prayers–it’s in the details. In the previous series, we learned the power of praying together and praying for one another. And how prayer can be a weapon for any spiritual battle. In this last series, Jennifer expounds on how adding details results in a successful prayer. Watch this insightful message.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about a prayer that prepares. What happens when there’s a storm, then suddenly people are gone from your life? And your finances gone? Your joy? Your peace? Are all gone in one moment? Do we want to be Christians that blame God for everything? Or do we prepare ourselves and use God as our shield and light as Christians? Angela expounds on how we can use prayer as a weapon to spiritually prepare ourselves for the storm coming.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about what agreement Sunday is. Have you set a goal for yourself this new year? What if those goals come true for you this year? All you have to do is enter into an agreement with God through faith. Stephen explains how writing down your goals, praying for them, and surrendering those goals to God will prove a fruitful year. Ask, and you shall receive.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about being fat with favor. What is favor? Favor is undeserved access. We want to live up to our potential, but we can’t do it alone. We need help from the people around us–our community– and help from God. Because when God touches your life, we will want nothing more. So how do you win a big fat favor from God? Stephen reminds us how FAT (Fear, Association, and Thankfulness) can win us that favor from the Almighty.

In this week's sermon, Jennifer Meim talks about how you express your thanksgiving. How do you show your thanks? What is your love language? We have different ways of expressing our gratitude. And usually, how we express gratefulness is demonstrated through various love languages. Jennifer reminds us how we can express our thanksgiving for God through (Words of Praise, Acts of Service, Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch).

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about what it means to live from shame to thanksgiving. Have you ever done something that didn’t reflect who you are? Are you living with guilt and shame? It is inevitable for humans to feel that way. And it is fueled, especially by how you think people perceive your situation. But Angela reminds us that we can shift this mindset of living with shame into thanksgiving through this process: 1.) Hunger for God, 2.) Humility for God, and 3.) Happiness in thanksgiving for God. Remember that when you start giving thanks and remember all God has done for you, your mindset will shift, and deliverance will happen.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about the secret password to earn God’s favor. Gratitude is a virtue that helps you recognize the value of things. We know that God sees through everything. He sees through your heart, and a thankful heart earns you favor from God. How to give thanks to God in all circumstances? Stephen reminds us through this POV (P-presence of God, O-overflow, and V-victory). Despite all the struggles that you are going through, do not forget to be grateful in your prayers, for God will surely lead you to live an abundant life.

In this week's sermon, Jennifer Meim talks about the legacy of faith. God has promised us a prosperous life. He envisions a beautiful future for us with Him. The question is, do you have faith in His word? Jennifer reminds us that God will never lie to us and will always deliver on His promises. But, it takes faith–a confident belief that something we are hoping for is going to happen by the power of God. Watch this insightful message to learn more about the legacy of faith.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about the legacy of love. Our church's rationale is to love everyone, no matter who they are. We strive to impart the kind of love that God has for us. Angela reminds us how to achieve this kind of love with her three points. These points are 1.) Love God, 2.) Love People, and 3.) Love Self. Watch this message to learn more about what the legacy of love is.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about the legacy of generosity. Have you ever thought of what you will leave behind when you reach the end of your life? What is your legacy? Stephen elaborates on the keys to helping you live a prosperous life for you to be able to leave a great legacy. These keys are 1.) You Cannot Outgive God, 2.) He is Faithful to His Promise, and 3.) Giving Unlocks the True Blessing.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about waiting for our legacy. God promised us greatness. The only caveat is greatness comes with a big cross to carry. We have to accept our crosses as Jesus did. We must put our faith in God that He has plans for us to live in great power. We only have to wait for it. Angela explains how letting God be in control lets you live out the legacy, especially for you.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about having faith in God as your brand identity. Living Faith Church’s mission/identity is to help you discover your purpose, live in power, and live out your God-given potential. What do you envision your brand identity to be? Stephen discusses how you can find your purpose, power, and potential in establishing your brand identity through faith. The points to remember to establish a good brand identity based on faith are 1.) Faith in Attitude, 2.) Faith in Prayer, and 3.) Faith for Others.

In this week's sermon, Jennifer Meim talks about the steps for spiritual first aid. First aid is immediate assistance to someone who is hurt. It is not only given to someone with a physical injury but also to someone with mental, spiritual, etc. wounds. We are all struggling with something. No matter who you are, there will come a time when you need to take steps for your healing. Jennifer reminds us of the spiritual first aid steps in dealing with this situation: 1.) Safety, 2.) Response, 3.) 911 (Prayer), and 4.) Give Care. This insightful message is where Jennifer breaks down the steps of spiritual first aid.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about God as the first responder in your time of need. When dealing with life's trials and tribulations, there are times when we forget to call on God first. Stephen reminds us that God is first on your speed dial. He will always be there for you. You only have to remember to call on Him first. These three points help you remember: 1.) WORD of God, 2.) PRAYER, and 3.) WORSHIP.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about when you put God first. God is the most generous provider. He promises great things for you. But, life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. There is also rain––when God puts you on a test to see if you will not only worship Him through the good times but also the bad times in your life. Angela points out the three keys to putting God first: 1. Get in the Region, 2. Worship in the Region, and 3. Provided in the Region. When you follow these three keys, you will see all the greatness God promised you.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about what is the first things first when you’re finding it hard to focus. We are always looking for something, be it monetary things, approval, validation, the meaning of life, etc. Stephen reminds us that if you want to find something, seek God first. When you are going through hardships, remember to focus solely on God first. Set your mornings for gratitude for His love and if you are struggling with money and mental health, remember that God is there for you. First things first, God has your back, so set your eyes to heaven.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about how our weaknesses make us strong. How many of us listen to these voices in our heads that keep telling us that we’re not good enough? That we’re too weak? How many of us listen to other people’s words that tear us down? Why do we do this when we know we deserve so much better? God promised us a great life, so why? Angela reminds us that we might see our weaknesses as something that cripples us, but God sees them as something that strengthens us. We are stronger with God.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about having the desire to dream. We all have a God-given destiny. We may forget this sometimes. Stephen reminds us that we have a legacy beyond our job, bills, rent, etc. And, for us to reach our God-given potential, we need to remember these points: 1.) Dream, 2.) Disaster, and 3.) Destiny.

In this week's sermon, Casey Nicole Fox talks about a hero’s journey. In every super’s backstory, there is a tragic past. These pasts molded them to rise over their struggles in life. We connect to these stories because we can resonate with them. And as humans, we do not have supernatural powers, but we do have the power to choose. Casey reminds us that if you choose to follow Christ, allow God into your heart, mind, and spirit, and choose Him as your champion. Then, He will go to battle for you, and He never loses.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about how we have superhero powers. God has given us so many gifts, so it is no surprise that He would gift us the gift of miracles. Miracles can be anything. And Angela expounds on how even the tiniest miracle can empower us with superhero powers and live a great life. Watch this insightful message.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about becoming a superhero. We all want greatness in our lives. No one wants a mediocre life. It's why many look up to superheroes because they are living a great life–superpowers and all. However, we–ordinary people–may not have superpowers, but we do have power over our lives. Stephen outlines how we can have this greatness of a superhero life with God through these points: 1. See, 2. Serve, and 3. Stand.

In this week's sermon, Casey Nicole Fox talks about the third greatest commandment— to love thy self. How do we love ourselves? It can be very challenging because we can be hard ourselves. Sometimes, we do not see ourselves as God’s creation, so loved by Him unconditionally. In the bible, it says that love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, does not boast, it is not proud (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). If only we could see ourselves with kind eyes–like how God sees us.

Casey expounds on self-love with these points: 1. Self-love Is Grace, 2. Bring It To God, and 3. Let It Go.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about finding the ultimate freedom. What does it mean to be free? Not in prison? Is it walking freely outside? There are different ways we can interpret freedom as an individual. Stephen explains how we can find the ultimate freedom in our lives through following Jesus’ way of life–Faith, Hope, and Love. This sermon features Micayla De Ette.

In this week's sermon, Jennifer Meim talks about the second greatest commandment, to love others. God has commanded us to love thy neighbors, but what does that mean? Jennifer expounds on what it means to love others through Jesus’ examples of how He showed His love–through words and actions. Watch this insightful message.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz discusses how God is love. We have different perceptions of the image of God. Angela discusses how ultimately, God is Love. Watch this insightful message.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about the greatest commandment. We know that God has ten commandments for His people. These commandments narrowed down to three, are important commandments that summarize God’s will. Stephen expounds on these three, 1.) Love God, 2.) Love Others, and 3.) Love Self. Watch this insightful message.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about forgiveness that releases abundance. When we feel wronged, it’s normal for us to let hate fester. And hate does nothing but bring us down. Angela explains that if we are having a tough time forgiving, we can lean on God for strength. In this last part of the series, we will explore the benefits–freedom, blessings, opportunity– of forgiveness. And how forgiveness leads to an abundant life.

In this week's sermon, Jennifer Meim talks about being Thankful Always. As previously talked about in the first series, our worries and anxieties in life prevent us from seeing beyond our pain. We also explored how to unburden ourselves through praising God. Jennifer expounds on how living a grateful life can we attain everlasting life. Turn that worry into praise and be thankful always. Live life with no regrets. This sermon is the second part of the series living life as if it was your last.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about turning worry to praise. We all have our own worries in life, and it stems from different roots– the past, the present, the future, or all at once at the same time. We pile up these worries and then get overwhelmed by this unbearable weight on our shoulders. And, we forget that we can ask for help in carrying or helping to get rid of these burdens. Angela explains how 1.) Seeking God and 2.) Praising Him is the key to which we will unburden ourselves of our anxieties.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about living life as if today was your last. If you’re given 86,400 seconds every day in your life, how would you spend it? Our time on earth is valuable. Thus, every second that passes counts. Stephen explains more how the key points of this sermon: 1.) Worry Less, 2.) Be Thankful Always, 3.) Forgive More–can help you live your life to the fullest.

In this week's sermon, Jennifer Meim talks about how living is a two-way street– forgiving and receiving. You can’t go through life without experiencing pain– self-inflicted or otherwise. And though it may be easy to say to forgive those who hurt you, it is the hardest thing to do. Jennifer explains how receiving God's forgiveness made our hearts lighter. God showed us the power of forgiveness.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about giving birth to greatness. As God’s creation, we are created for a divine purpose. We are made for great things by God’s will. Angela reminds us that: when we are in a place of comparison and when we are feeling defeated, we are alive today because we fought our way through life. We need to remember that greatness takes 1.) Time and Process, 2.) Divine Connections, and 3.) Birth for purpose. Watch this insightful message.

In this week's sermon, Casey Nicole Fox talks about making the hard things in life, less hard. Life–the Christian life– can be daunting and difficult at times. Life's hardships can lead us to take for granted the blessings that God has already bestowed upon us. Casey reminds us that life is easier when we take a second look at the blessings we have overlooked. And, when we focus on gratitude instead of what we lack. Watch this inspiring message.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about what is God’s tip for a breakthrough. God promises us great things. And, we know the plans that God has for us have to be in His perfect timing. Do not doubt God's plan, for He holds to His promises in his own time. Angela explains how Timing, Vision, and Patience is God’s tip for a breakthrough.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about the question we ask God often, Why? – Why is it taking so long to answer my prayer? Why am I in pain? Why am I going through this?. Lent season is when we reflect on Jesus Christ’s life, suffering, sacrifice, death, and resurrection. In this Easter Sunday sermon, Stephen ruminates on how before Christ’s resurrection, He had to go through such suffering up to a point where he doubted the Father, but even as he waivered, Jesus ultimately put his faith in God the Father and was resurrected. If you are having doubts because of your current situation, remember that there’s a purpose behind it. Watch this insightful message.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about the power of praying and fasting. Lent season is when we, Christians, set aside time to reflect on Jesus Christ's suffering and sacrifice, His life, death, burial, and resurrection. Angela expounds on how the power of praying and fasting during the lent season brings us closer to God.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about how to have a breakthrough in the name of Jesus. God gave us Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice for humanity’s salvation. Stephen expounds on how we can get access to God’s authority through Jesus by 1.) Trust in that Name, 2.) Pray in that Name, and 3.) Call on that Name. Watch this insightful message.

In this week's sermon, Casey Nicole Fox talks about how life-changing it is to rest in the Lord. Each of us has our burdens in life that we carry, and we want to unload some of these burdens by resting – “taking a break from life” – through watching tv, naps, vacations, etc. Casey reminds us that 1.) True Rest is God’s Peace, 2.) Rest Comes From Belief, and 3.) Rest Comes When We Seek God First.

This week in the sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about how to pray the Lord’s prayer. Prayers are a powerful tool that helps us build a connection with God. Angela expounds on the meaning of the Lord’s prayer that 1. God is our father; 2. God wants our praise; 3. God knows best; 4. God provides; 5. God forgives; and 6. God protects.

This week in the sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about spiritual authority. If you’ve felt like you have no authority over your life, have a listen to this podcast. Stephen expounds on how you get authority through Jesus, Prayer, and Worship.

This week in the sermon, Jennifer Meim talks about how God meets you where you are. No matter where you are in life, even when you feel like you’re lost, God will meet you exactly where you are. He will always be there for you. Jennifer shares the testimony of her experience with God.

In this week's sermon, Casey Nicole Fox talks about the power of labels. Different labels follow us in life, whether by preconceived notions of other people or one's chosen identity. Casey explores how labels have power and potential and how it becomes names. Watch the full sermon to learn about the power of labels.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about leveling up your faith. Faith is like a seed–when you've planted a seed and regularly water it, it will grow into a plant and bear some fruits. Angela explains how small faith takes you far and leads to overflowing blessings from God. Watch the full sermon to learn about how to level up your faith.

In this week's sermon, Stephen Dela Cruz talks about dreams, their challenges, and how you overcome them. Dreams are passions within our hearts. Stephen explores the different challenges – Test, Time, and Transferring – that a person overcomes to fulfill their dreams. Watch the full sermon for more insights on dreams.

In this week's sermon, Angela Dela Cruz talks about being empowered by speaking in tongues. It may seem unfamiliar and bizarre. However, once you learn more about speaking in tongues and come to appreciate it, you may then learn how to pray and receive this spiritual gift. Angela explores the three ways speaking in tongues is used in the bible.

In this week's sermon, Casey Nicole Fox talks about how getting through life's valleys – our disappointments, failures, and frustrations in life –is art. Life often throws us at a crossroads. So when forced to face life’s trials and tribulations, we wonder why God allows this to happen to us. Every one of us goes through this valley experience in our lives. But how does ART (Attitude, Rod & Staff, Thankfulness) get us through it?

Powerful Living is not having the "head" knowledge of who God is but actually experiencing the power of who God is in your everyday life. In this episode, we talk about what it means to experience God and answer the question, What does it mean to live in power?.

In this episode, we talk about how God is completely committed to you – He’s All In! It won’t come as a shock that despite all our inadequacies, God loves us all. In His commitment, He sent his only begotten son to save us from our sins. This unwavering belief that we are deserving of His mercy is how God shows us his unconditional love.


More of digging deeper into our faith and going all in for God in this sermon.

In this episode, we talk about the power of prayer. Praying is our way of making a connection with God. It is how we talk to him about our life; how we form an agreement with Him. An agreement that requires faith and certainty between two parties.


There should be no doubts when you pray to God, for He doesn't doubt us. Give Him everything -- all your worries and cares. It says in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.”

In this episode, we talk about the message of Christmas. On Christmas Day, we celebrate and remember that no matter who we are, in the eyes of God, we are 1.) ACCEPTED, we 2.) BELONG, and we are 3.) CELEBRATED. This is the Spirit of Christmas.

In this sermon, we talk about forming an agreement with God. And, how do we seal that agreement with Yes and Amen!

How did Mary react when the angel told her about what God had planned for her? We talk about it in this sermon, how do we receive God’s Favor through FAT (Fear, Association, and Thanksgiving)?

We are an Unconventional Christian Charismatic Church that welcomes everyone with arms wide open! Our belief is that Jesus loves everyone and we are all sinners made righteous only by the Grace of God! Today, we talk about what is a church for sinners by sinners.

What you do with fear determines the outcome. So, how do you overcome fear? You can overcome fear through faith. But, Faith requires stepping out of the boat. Like the story of Peter walking on water, he wanted to confirm that it was Jesus who was on the water. So, he stepped out of the boat and walked on water to approach Jesus but sank when he lost focus because he let fear rule over him. The symbolism of this story is, Jesus is telling you that you’re meant to walk on top of the very thing that’s killing you.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we discuss the Power of Gratitude in our lives when it comes to living beyond our expectations. This sermon talks about Exceeding Expectations through 1.) Accepting What You Have, 2.) Giving Thanks and Being Grateful, and 3.) Using What You Have To Serve Others.

Having a vision is very important because it helps guide you in the right direction. You see most of the time in businesses that they have a mission and vision. In life, having a vision gives you purpose, helps you live in power, and live out your God-given potential. If you’re struggling with filling up that vision board take a listen to this message on how to have a vision in your life.

Why is ‘Amen’ such an important word in prayer? ‘Amen’ is used to express solemn ratification (as an expression of faith) according to Merriam-Webster. In other words, when praying we are signing an agreement with God. We all want a great life for ourselves and for others, and so we turn to prayer to help us make this vision come true. In today’s sermon, we talk more about how we come to an agreement with God and how this can lead to a Breakthrough.

What is it like to be loved unconditionally? Growing up, we learn that not all the people in our lives love us unconditionally. As flawed humans, we tend to judge the cover of the book before its contents. However, it is not the same with the Almighty Father. We are His children and He loves us no matter what. In this sermon, we talk more about God bestowing His Unconditional Love and Grace unto us.

Greatness is something most of us strive for. We have dreams, visions, and aspirations for where we want to be in life. But with life, not everything goes as planned. We then question why? Am I not meant for greatness? Has God abandoned me? In this sermon, we talk about greatness and how God paves the way for us to achieve our greatest potential.

What does it mean to be saved? Do you have to be sinless to be saved? How should I react to sinners? In today’s sermon, we answer those questions and talk about the heartbeat of Living Faith Church -- Salvation By Grace.

Have you ever been at a point where you feel like you were trying to keep your head above water? All your faith was barely holding on to you and you are about to give up? Listen to this powerful message to be reminded the faith you had once is still in you!

Have you ever felt low? Your dreams felt dead? You felt like you were barely surviving? In this sermon, Angela reminds you God has not forgotten you and is ready to ignite the Joy back, the Faith back, and the Dream back! Get ignited!

In life, we all want to be happy. Hakuna Matata -- a life of no worries. However, life often throws curveballs, so how do we deal with what life throws at us and still remain happy? In this message, we discuss a way to take it all in stride and be happy all the time!

Many people wonder if God talks back? Is this a one-way relationship where I do all the talking and He just sits there quietly? Today’s message talks about how God talks to us and how we start talking to God.

Our special guest, Forbes Riley, shares some breakthrough techniques to forgive the past and look forward to the future. Today’s message was delivered by Forbes Riley at Living Faith Church. Forbes Riley is a winning TV Talk Show Host, Best Selling Author, & Business Coach.

“Life doesn’t happen for you, Life happens to you”. We talk about how to appreciate the little miracles in life and how to win life with God at your side. Today’s message was delivered by Forbes Riley at Living Faith Church. Forbes Riley is a winning TV Talk Show Host, Best Selling Author, & Business Coach.

Growing up we are told to obey the rules… so we carry that mentality into our adulthood and into how we relate to God. Am I doing this “right”? Does God approve of my choices or habits? In this message, we discuss the topic of freedom “do you, boo!”

Every house has a culture and style. Same as every church has a different heart and culture. This is the first sermon in the Culture Series of our Hearts.

Most of us are skeptical when people say that God spoke to me or through me. We doubt the power of the all-powerful being. However, if we can set our mind to think that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then we wouldn’t question how God is able to speak to us.

Would you believe that you can have a conversation with God? In the scriptures, there were people like Moses, with whom God communicated, to part impart His Commandments. But would you believe that it isn't just the prophets or the chosen ones that are able to talk to God? We are all capable of doing so.

When someone says "But" we know that one word cancels everything that was just spoken. If you tell your loved one... "I love you but..." now you're in trouble. We will talk about God's big but in this session!

Do you just take what life shoves in your direction? Or are you willing to break free from the chains that bind you from living a life of freedom? Today, we explore a way on how we get freedom in our minds and that is by doggy style. In this sermon, we discuss the points that doggy style emphasizes: W.O.F.F; 1.) Word of God, 2.) Oral Prayers, 3.) Fellowship in Others, and 4.) Fun in Life.

We are always looking to escape the chaos in life. But it’s impossible to live a life without chaos- so in this message, we talk about how to have calmness while riding the chaos of life.

What do you do when the very person who is supposed to love you, abandons you? The person who’s supposed to protect you, hurts you? Or the one who’s supposed to give you confidence, is the one who hurts you? It’s so easy to take out our issues onto our Heavenly Father. In this message, we discuss our daddy issues!

Money makes the world go round. In today’s sermon, we learn the biblical principles of finances. Our church teaches you that God wants you to be wealthy because, with wealth, we are able to give more. But we need to understand that the Kingdom has a different way of making us wealthy; that it is not just for oneself but for God’s people to benefit. We discovered today that the formula for mastering money is SIT-- 1.) Money is a Servant, 2.) Money is an Indicator, and 3.) Money is a Tool.

How can you tell the future? We all want to predict the future somehow and this message will show you how to create the future you desire by using your words!

We all wish to have guarantees in life. It’s hard to ever have a true guarantee but we can be confident that one day every person is guaranteed to die. Today’s sermon comes from the series, Legacies. We talk about the challenges of leaving a legacy of love and how it shapes a life well-lived.

We all wish to have guarantees in life. It’s hard to ever have a true guarantee but we can be confident that one day every person is guaranteed to die. In this first message in the series, we discuss the challenges of leaving a legacy of fear and how it stops us from living our best life!

What is your vision? In this session, we go over how seeing PIE will help your Vision in life! When you know your Position, know your Identity, and know the Ending, your vision will come to pass!

We know that God put a dream inside of each of us... but how do we make our dreams become a reality? In this message, we go over the biblical examples of turning dreams into reality through understanding Testing, Timing, and the Transferring!

We all desire greatness! No one says “I want mediocre and average...” We all want the best!! In this message, you will discover the keys to live out your greatness through PMS! Join us today on our broadcast!

In the middle of the raging storm in our lives, thinking we have nowhere to run, we feel hopeless. We feel trapped. But, there is a path to our salvation and that is faith. Faith rises upon within us and in even in our most terrifying moments, help us break free from the fear of the storm. In today's sermon, we discuss the spiritual authority that helps us dominate our fear.

According to the San Diego government website, the cause of suicides and depression is hopelessness, guilt, feeling worthless and helpless... in this message, we discover what is the solution to this rising epidemic! God is ready to shed some light that will transform your life!

Many have asked, “what’s the point of Living Faith Church?” This message explains the mission and heartbeat of our church for San Diego!

When we think of the cross, many people see a religious symbol. A symbol of condemnation and hate. A literal symbol of death. This message will explore a different view of the cross... The abundant life!

Have you ever felt isolated? Being pushed away from people? In this message, you will discover the hidden blessings in isolation!

Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t answer your prayers? What is the secret formula to having God respond right away? Does He even care? In this message we see how Jesus allows bad situations to get worst and the secret power of faith that moves the hand of God!

The very people who cause you the most pain and heartache may be the very people setting you up for your destiny and fulfilling the God-given dream within you! In this service, you will discover the blessing Judas was to Jesus. You’re going to have a whole new appreciation for the very people who cause you hell!

Do you ever feel like you take one step forward but end up taking two steps back? Or when you do make small progress, it felt so tough? It’s time to learn about the CHAIN BREAKING LIFESTYLE!

Have you ever asked yourself “When will I get my breakthrough?!” Or “When will it be my turn?!” In this broadcast service, you will discover key points to never give up on serving others because your breakthrough is around the corner!

Do you struggle feeling accepted in spite of your shortcomings? Or not feeling like your enough? This broadcast will show you the heart of God and how He runs to us no matter how much we feel far away. God is on your side!