Culture & Core Values

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Our Culture & Core Values


Leaders are the people God anoints to accomplish what He wants on this earth. We believe in developing leadership into every person in Living Faith Church.


Every aspect of church life is based on excellence. We believe the House of God is to be a place of pure excellence and high standard. Living life to its fullest potential in every way.


Believing in the impossible is the currency of heaven. We practice faith every day to believe anything is possible and discover creative ways with the help of the Holy Spirit to accomplish goals that may seem impossible.


Living life with no boundaries and restrictions, but living in real freedom to exercise our free will knowing we are given this gift of Grace that we are not bound but free!


Daily receiving the free gift of God's Grace while we are undeserving and unworthy. Making this a lifestyle to receive God's grace and extend grace to others daily.


Having an abundant mindset and living life with generosity to those around us. Giving our time & resources freely and not grudgingly but with cheer and honor.


Following the life of Christ to serve our way through life. Serving one another with pure hearts and pure motives is true ministry. We impact our community by serving our neighbors selflessly.


Accepting strangers with open arms by exerting our very best efforts to show Christ love and creating environments that are welcoming and honoring to the people we meet throughout our lives. Building intimate relationships and community through hospitality.


Calling out to God in prayer believing He will respond. Standing in Faith that what we ask for in prayer will come to pass. Understanding that God responds to those who ask in prayer through faith. Interceding for others, asking for our own victories, and praying for miracles!

Paise & Worship

Shifting atmospheres through the power of God in an atmosphere of praise and worship. Giving God all glory and praise for what He's already done, going to do, and prophetically declaring our victory! Singing praise and worship with hands lifted, we give God all the Glory!

Presence Of God

We practice and welcome the presence of God in our midst. He is real and alive, able to heal, deliver, restore and set people free. Within the presence of God, we hear his voice, see his miracles and expect breakthroughs. We celebrate the supernatural power of God in our everyday lives.


Walking hand in hand with one another to see personal, spiritual, and professional growth in all areas of life. Mentorship to living a life of victory and freedom through Jesus. Creating genuine, loving, and caring communities of people of faith to see increase in our lives.

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